Aligning your information system with your strategy

Your context

In most companies, their information system is central to their business. Any change in strategy or service/product offering means changing the IS

Businesses today need to be multichannel. They need to know how to use different channels to reach their customers and partners, and how to turn new behaviors to their advantage as society evolves (mobility, networking etc.)

When aligning an information system with company strategy, these are key concerns

Any IT department should always have a medium term target for its IS that incorporates all business drivers and leads to a more agile and better designed information system

Aligning your information system with your strategy: our services

A strategic IS plan (or blueprint) whose objective is to align the information system with the company's strategy.

Aligning your information system with your strategy: deliverables

- We make sure the business issues are understood

- We take account of how processes can change (sales, logistics, production etc)

- We can model a multichannel design architecture (static & dynamic model)

- We define the technical architecture and infrastructure needed to support the target application

- The target system is broken down into coherent business or technical projects

- We can help prioritize these projects according to their business and technical value, budget, and the obsolescence of certain parts of your existing system. We can also highlight interdependencies.