21/12/2016 | Event

Happy DISRUPTIVE year!

Let’s discover our animated card!

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10/06/2013 | Event

Summer exhibition in our offices

Pragmaty is hosting a new exhibition of painting and sculptures, to run for several months.

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9/01/2013 | Event

Pragmaty Korea will conduct a training at the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul

Mickaël Mas, Director of Pragmaty Korea , will conduct a training on  the 23rd  January at the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul.

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20/12/2012 | Event

A thought-provoking evening

Many Pragmaty clients attended the “Truly Different” evening on Thursday December 13th at the Salon Marbeuf, addressed by three speakers from different fields: economist Elie Cohen, philosopher Cynthia Fleury and anthropologist Dominique Desjeux. Moderated by Pragmaty chairman Ludovic Marty, the discussions sought to decode the current socio-economic crisis.

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1/11/2012 | Event

Business Intelligence

In today’s hyper-connected world, there are multiple communication channels between companies and their customers. Companies exchange a huge amount of complex information with their partners and clients.

This data, if approached, analyzed and used properly, can prove to be a priceless asset.

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1/10/2012 | Event

It’s time! Time for Pragmaty to drive ahead, with new service offerings for our clients, a new image and new communication.

It’s time because Pragmaty will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in a few months time, and with maturity comes a new business model.

It’s time because we are seeing new requirements and new issues emerging within and around the companies and administrations we work with. The current climate is forcing transformation on many of our clients.

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