Change management

Your context

Successfully transforming an existing situation into a new one requires implementing major changes in project mode.

Teams must support the change project and work with it and not against it.

Change management: our services

Pragmaty helps you define strategies for change and give meaning to the challenges involved

We help break down the change project into a sequence of different parts

- You may need to review certain critical processes, create a new governance or organizational structure, plan HR initiatives or strengthen your customer or service focus

- Communication is a key aspect and we offer specific change management expertise to get your staff on board

- We help you organize and manage the change project

We can guide senior managers as they structure and manage these changes and help them communicate accordingly.

Change management: deliverables

- A change project with deliverables attached to each milestone and a snapshot of what your organization will look like at each milestone

- Processes to be reengineered before moving to the next step

- Segmentation of your service offering (per client and per availability on the timeline)

- Resource reallocation and knowledge transfer

- Setting up the committees and governing bodies you will need

- Change management events