Executive coaching

Your context

You may be entering your first senior management position or have been promoted from no. 2 to no. 1. Or moving to a new company, taking on new responsibilities or a cross-functional position in a complex organization (e.g. matrix or international), working in difficult and/or conflict situations, or managing a challenging project...

You may be facing a merger, restructuring or international expansion...

With any change, it’s up to senior managers and their teams to mobilize all employees. This places them in the frontline when it comes to driving change.

Executive coaching: our services

Our coaches build relationships based on trust, listening and mirroring, helping perceptions and difficulties to emerge along with the resources it takes to solve them

We provide senior managers with the solutions, guidance and awareness they need in 4 complementary areas: – Strategic analysis & issue-based management – Interpersonal communication – Managing in project-mode and network-mode – Intercultural management

Executive coaching: deliverables

- Your senior managers will find individual and collective ways to succeed in their careers without wearing themselves or their teams out as our coaches transfer the soft and hard skills they need.