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In a context exacerbated by economic and financial crises, companies must make changes, more than ever before.

To achieve change, it falls to managers to mobilise all employees, placing them in the frontline when it comes to driving change.

Given that short-term pressures all too often overtake any long-term vision, their challenge today is four-fold. They must:

- Set priorities that are aligned with the challenges the company faces

- Ensure high-level implementation of the company’s strategy

- Be able to take a step back and build a long-term roadmap for their business

- And implement it pragmatically and effectively day-to-day

Manager-Strategist®: our services

Our mission is to help managers in senior leadership roles identify their company’s key strategic priorities and operationalise them in their specific contexts.

The group and individual coaching sessions provided by Pragmaty consultants are powerful tools to help accelerate and consolidate change in management behaviours. Coaching sessions alternate between collective intelligence and space for individual reflexion.

Group sessions are facilitated by Pragmaty Executive Coaches, who also invite speakers with relevant, real-life experience as well as academic experts to share their unique perspective and insight with participants.

Manager-Strategist®: deliverables

- A clearly defined programme that guarantees confidentiality and fosters free speech, where each participant is required to make and meet commitments

- Pragmatic, inductive work on a vision, taking managers from the company’s challenges to an operational action plan for their own entity

- Insight into Asia’s number one strategy game, Go, and how to transpose that insight into a corporate setting. “The goban board is an effective way to experiment with territories, alliances, potentials, threats and weaknesses, both in terms of strategy and management.”