Process optimization & organization

Your context

There may be inefficiencies, silos or red tape in your organization, or perhaps it lacks fluidity or cross-functionality

Your organization may need adjusting following a strategy change, the appointment of a new manager or automation

You may be merging two companies or activities

Or unhappy with poorly performing sales, production, logistics, supply chain or support functions (HR, accounting, finance etc)

Process optimization & organization: our services

Pragmaty helps share the strategy and vision and apply it to the particular area concerned.

We can: – Create a stakeholders’ map – Map and analyze existing processes – Revise critical or defective processes – Help teams identify where things go wrong and where they can be improved – Work on progressive or radically different organizational scenarios – Test these scenarios against the vision and their relevance to the issues at stake – Select the most realistic scenario combining ambition & change management capacity – Define the roadmap for moving successfully from an existing situation to the desired one

Process optimization & organization: deliverables

- Map of processes and revised processes

- Organizational scenarios, scorecards, help with choices

- Roadmap and change planning

- Help selecting new managers