Project management

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Major projects involving information systems are always a complex and difficult experience for any organization. Half of them completely or partially fail because they are over-budget, take too long, run into systematic delays, fail to meet users' and managers' expectations or create internal conflicts.

These are complex, multidimensional projects, involving technology and business aspects, and are deployed in an international environment across multiple countries

In such projects, a great deal of power is at stake and tensions can arise between managers

Companies must invest in talent, since IT projects succeed more because of the people than the technology

Project management: our services

Pragmaty helps companies prioritize their projects, define go/no-go criteria and perform feasibility studies

We create a blueprint and strategic plan for your project, and plan the design & architecture of the information system

We help you structure and launch the project and select the project team

We help you correctly estimate effort (man days)

When a project is in trouble, we will audit it and get it back on track

We perform risk analysis and analyze the technical architecture

We offer post implementation review / lessons learned

We will coach a Project Manager throughout the project's lifecycle and help him/her make decisions, manage teams, run project steering committees and manage vendors

Project management: deliverables

- Project blueprint & strategic plan for your information system

- Project plan, post implementation review

- Project business case

- Project auditing, risk assessment

- Project scorecard